Zmodo Greet Pro

Zmodo Greet Pro

(Last Updated On: 18th March 2021)

Zmodo Greet Pro is the topic of the day. Technology has got a lot smarter and better than what we used to know few years back. Gone are the days when electric doorbell was the only option to use. But at later time, we got familiar and embraced a video doorbell.

In today’s world, smart doorbells are gradually replacing the old video doorbell, which is why we bring to you another review that is going to help you understand video doorbell better.

Zmodo has always proofed herself to be one of the innovative worldwide leader in smart home and security solutions for home and business, by giving us yet another smart doorbell which in a real sense helps to shape our daily lives.


  • Easy setup and works as expected
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Automatic IR-cut that is adjustable in the App
  • Supports ON/OFF and Setting by Schedules
  • 36 hours of free cloud storage for motion detection clips is a good deal


  • Live chat support can be disappointing
  • Email supports were also slow to response

We are adept to bring you nothing but an honest review of Zmodo Greet Pro, a unique smart doorbell device.Zmodo doorbell

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Main Features

  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 180° viewing angle
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion sensor detection
  • Multiple users
  • Powerful night vision

Zmodo video doorbell

Breakdown of the features

Being one of the best smart doorbell on the market, it is time to analyse the main features of Zmodo doorbell security camera. This is to help you decide if it’s actually what you can add to your budget.

Greet Pro uses the best technology to deliver a crisp image through its 1080p HD resolution lens which is also able to shoot video at 25fps.

The 180° field of view actually makes this Zmodo doorbell a top notch amongst other smart doorbells, you are able to view or capture your whole porch or yard in wider angle without leaving any detail behind.

The dual band Wi-Fi connectivity gives it a perfect tweak by combining 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless spectrum. Unlike other smart doorbells that force you to use 2.4 GHz, Zmodo Greet Pro is able to manage 2.4 and 5 GHz seamlessly, the dual band Wi-Fi connectivity simplifies the connection process.

The two-way audio technology embedded on the Greet Pro let you hear and speak to your visitor or the delivery man simultaneously, you only need to tap your microphone button to speak or tap it again to mute the microphone.

Uncommon to other similar products is the motion sensor detection, this is where this doorbell knocks its competitors down. Zmodo Greet Pro automatically records a short video clip whenever it detects motion and alert you via push notification.

Multiple users is another fantastic feature of Greet Pro that allows you to share your device with friends and family members, so that they can receive alerts and calls on your behalf when you are not available to attend to visitors.

Power night vision makes Zmodo Greet Pro to perform excellently in a pitch dark condition. The camera operates at very low-light conditions up to 16 feet away.

Another intriguing feature of Greet Pro is the ability to let you record a voice message for your visitors when you are not available to answer their call or you simply don’t want to.

Design & Build

Zmodo video doorbell
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Zmodo Greet Pro is stylish smart Wi-Fi doorbell device that is built with latest technology to deliver great features, and to give value for your money.

Whether you are just looking out to install a doorbell camera, or you are considering to upgrade your existing doorbell, Zmodo Greet Pro is a great gear you can trust and invest in.



Zmodo Greet Pro is a device you can trust to deliver all the features you ever think of. It is built with a sophisticated technology, comes with a sleek design, and it uses 256bits encryption which is very hard to penetrate.


Advantages of Zmodo Greet Pro

  • The PIR motion sensor technology aboard Zmodo Greet Pro makes it to produce a crystal clear image, recognizes and distinguishes humans from animals both day and night.
  • The Greet Pro instantly start recording a short video footage immediately it detects motion before even sending a notification push.
  • The Greet Pro has 8GB of internal memory that will hold a 30 second video clip when motion is detected or when the doorbell is rung, you can see these alerts on your smartphone through the app at any time.
  • Nothing is more compelling than the dual band wireless mode that Greet Pro has. You no longer have to suffer weak or bad transmission signal from the video doorbell to your Wi-Fi access point.
  • Zmodo doorbell camera is compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Alexa Echo show. You can ask Alexa to show the camera’s live feed by saying “Alexa, show front camera”. But you are required to upgrade the Zmodo Greet Pro firmware to the latest update.
  • Zmodo provides you access to 36 hours of free cloud storage of the motion detection clips, you don’t have to slice your pocket to buy a cloud plan before you can watch what happened when you were not home.


Disadvantages of Zmodo Greet Pro

  • Even though the Greet Pro is compatible with an existing hard wired chime, the Greet Pro still wouldn’t work with a digital chime.
  • Zmodo Greet Pro only recorded the camera’s audio and not the smartphone’s end.
  • The extender does not come with the unit, it is sold as add-on.

What’s inside the box?
Zmodo Greet pro

  • Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
  • A wall flat plate mounting bracket
  • A quick start guide
  • A wall sticker
  • A combo screwdriver consisting Philip head and hex key
  • Concrete drill bit
  • A voltage regulator (optional device to use against interference)
  • Mounting screws and wall anchors
  • Mounting level
  • A security lock-in screw

Installation of the product

The Zmodo doorbell setup and installation was a breeze and was completed under 15 minutes. The installation started with turning off the circuit breaker unit that supply the AC power to the existing doorbell.

Note: In the absence of an existing doorbell where you can easily utilize the power supply, you need to get  an AC low voltage transformer operating between 10VAC and 36VAC only and run it first. But also make sure to connect 20Ohms/10watts resistor in the transformer circuit, instruction here.

Zmodo Installation

Using your Philip head screwdriver, remove the wire terminals and place the wall flat plate mounting bracket. Make sure the bubble level is properly aligned to the center, Mark and drill the holes, install the wall anchors and screw the mounting plate to the wall.

Connect the 2 wires to the mounting bracket contact terminals, place the Zmodo Greet Pro and turn on the circuit breaker unit.

Zmodo Greet Pro Installation

Download the Zmodo app from your respective app store and launch it, tap the QR code option and follow the screen prompts until you get to enter your wireless network, make sure your smartphone is connected the Wi-Fi network.

Enter your Wi-Fi password and hit next to generate QR code, position the QR code in front of the camera whilst the camera still flashes green light. After you have heard the voice instruction saying “device connected” and the green light changes to blue, give your device a name and you are done. Secure Zmodo Greet Pro with the lock-in screw.

Zmodo Greet Pro Installation


To configure Zmodo Greet pro with Alexa, it is important to update the firmware of your Greet pro device to V30.9.1.52 or up.

To update this, simply click the Live View option on your device, choose the Device Setting icon on the upper right corner, press three dots (…) on the upper right corner and click the “New Version Available” message under Device Version. Once updated, your Zmodo Greet Pro would be compatible with Amazon Alexa.
Zmodo Greet

Now that your Zmodo Greet Pro is running the latest firmware that is compatible with Alexa, let’s jump into the steps of making it to work with Alexa.

Wait a minute! Did I just say let’s jump into the steps? Oh I meant to say take a cup of coffee and relax your nerves.

Now let’s begin by linking/binding Zmodo Greet Pro to Alexa.

  • Complete all the necessary setup of Zmodo Greet Pro
  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap the three horizontal bars at the top left of the app and select skills
  • Search for Zmodo and tap on it

    Zmodo Greet Alexa Setup

    • Tap on the “ENABLE” button, you will be redirected to a Zmodo Authorization page where you are expected to enter your login information.

    Zmodo Greet Alexa Setup

    • Enter your Zmodo username and password, after a successful login, you will receive “Zmodo has been successfully linked”

    Zmodo Greet Alexa Setup

    If you have followed the instructions given in the above steps properly, you should be able to give voice commands to Alexa to show front camera.

    User Experience / Performance

    Users were all happy and satisfied not because of the affordable price, but because of the tons of features it has. They equally acknowledged it is a great product, and Greet Pro only took them a little time to install without any complication.

    Users love being able to see what is going on and also who is coming to their front porch, and Greet Pro met all their expectations. The smartphone app installation took relatively less than a minute to get around with. The app works flawlessly without a noticeable bug.

    The integration with Alexa was not straightforward at first, but with a clear instructions from the support and the online user guide, it was very easy to configure.

    And of course, whilst many users were happy to have bought Greet Pro, some aggrieved users also expressed their disappointment over the doorbell for its inability to work with their existing power supply, and all their efforts to get Zmodo live chat support to put them through were all abortive. I believe Zmodo should really work very hard on their support channels, as this is the first point of contact.

    Product Alternative

    A similar device that immediately comes to our mind is Ring Video Doorbell Pro due their almost the same functions.

    Product Warranty

    Zmodo Greet Pro comes with a 60-day refund policy, 3-year limited warranty, and lifetime US-based tech support.

    Final Verdict:

    One of the features to look for when you want to buy a wireless door camera or smart doorbell, is the field of view and the quality of the image i.e. how wide can the camera captures an image and also, how clearer can the image get? This is sometimes a bottleneck for users to select the best smart doorbell system.

    Like we have already analysed in our review, Zmodo Greet Pro is one of the great smart doorbell you can always trust, whether you are just starting out to install a smart doorbell system to your front porch or you want to upgrade the existing one.

    2 thoughts on “Zmodo Greet Pro”

    1. Contrary to as reported, Greet Pro will work on a dual band router, but it will NOT work on the 5Ghz band as told to me by Zmodo after beating my head on the wall for days. As far as cloud service, motion detection notices generally take 2-4 hours, so if you are looking for real-time motion detection, you won’t find it here. Doorbell button push is better, notice of button push will usually show up within 5-10 minutes. Picture quality and coverage are great!

      1. @SFM Thank you for the comment, You may want to have your router replace to an AC type router. There were few complaints from users who could not also get it to work with 5Ghz due to the type of routers used. I have personally installed it for clients with 5Ghz band.

        However, you need a good and industry standard router to get this work. Also, you need to have a good internet speed particularly (Upload Speed) to avoid delay in video response time.

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