Zmodo basic vs premium cloud plans

Zmodo Basic vs Premium Cloud Plans

(Last Updated On: 17th June 2019)

Let us move straight into what the topic says!

Whenever a user buys a Zmodo security camera, it comes with Zmodo basic plan which allows the user to do just 3 things such as:

  1. Live Feed: This allows the user to view the live feed of their security camera online
  2. Motion Alert: User will be allowed to see the motion alert clips from the past 12 hours
  3. Download Clips: User is able to view and download these clips to their mobile devices

When you feel there is need for you to extend the functionality of your Zmodo devices, you can easily upgrade from the basic to the cloud plan. This way, you will be able to navigate more options right on the mobile app towards your security camera(s).

With Zmodo cloud plan, you will be able to:

  1. Playback: User is able to watch the 7 days continuous recording and may also share with family or friends, or simply download it to the mobile device.
  2. Flashback: This is used to create a time-lapse clip and playback. Simply select the day you want to capture from the calendar and then tap the flashback icon to generate your time-lapse clips.
  3. Clip-Making: This is a feature which lets you create a custom video clip from your video footage, simply place by dragging the timestamp marker at the beginning of the video you want to make clip of.




Live Viewing


Make Clips

Smart Alerts





12 Hours



per month

1 to 10 Minutes

7 Days

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