About Us

Each time home burglary is reported, two things come to our mind, it is either the security system put in place failed or there was no security at all.

Home Security Gist is an online site where you can find a reliable and helpful contents whenever you are planning to secure your home or business.

It is hard to trust product reviews these days, as many of them might be sponsored or based on commission intents. Such product reviews are set to be deceitful.

At Home Security Gist, we do not rely on commission. Spreading useful security tips is our passion. Our website is filled with experienced security installers from different backgrounds, who have successfully installed various security systems.

They understood the problems and challenges faced by home and business owners, so they know how to properly interpret and fix them.

We also gather customer reviews on third party websites as facts to harmonize our reviews.

Our product reviews are not stimulated by affiliate commission or promotion, we publish honest reviews regardless. Our reviews will never mislead you.